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Etched designs

Gallery 4

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HY-059T.gif HY-061T.gif HY-062T.gif HY-063T.gif
HY-064T.gif HY-065T.gif HY-066T.gif HY-067T.gif
HY-068T.gif HY-072T.gif HY-073T.gif HY-074T.gif
HY-075T.gif HY-076T.gif HY-077T.gif HY-078T.gif

Available in the following finishes and colors:

Continuous long grain brush HairLine
True #8, Super #8, non-directional #8, #9, #10, and #12 mirror finish 
Titanium colors: gold, rose gold, brass, rose copper,bronze, brown, black, charcoal.